IBTRA is trying to fulfill the training needs of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) and other Islamic Banks operating in Bangladesh and to encourage research in Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking. Notice :The date of online application of DIB exam April-2020 extended upto 15.02.2020

Diploma in Islamic Banking (DIB)

The IBTRA conducts the Diploma in Islamic Banking (DIB), Part-I and Part-II usually twice a year at such centers as may be determined by the Competent Authority of the IBTRA from time to time. The syllabus of Part-I Examinations is relatively elementary and is designed to test the candidate's basic knowledge of Islamic Banking, while the syllabus of Part-II Examinations is at an advanced text designed to test the candidates' theoretical as well as practical knowledge and understanding of the difference between Islamic and Conventional Banking and allied matters that is necessary for better decision-making by Bankers. The subjects and syllabus for Part-I and Part-II Examinations are as follows.

(All subjects are compulsory)
Code Subject Name
101 Alternative Financial System
102 Principles of Economics: Conventional and Islamic
103 Principles of Accounting
104 Principles of Management
105 Business Communication
106 Theory and Practice of Banking: Islamic and Conventional
(All subjects are compulsory)
Code Subject Name
201 Investment Management
202 International Trade and Finance
203 Ethics in Banking and Legal Environment
204 Management Accounting and Financial Management
205 E-Banking
206 Micro Finance and Rural Banking : Conventional and Islamic

The details of the prescribed syllabus and the suggested books/reading materials are available at the IBTRA website. Although the detailed syllabus has been prepared for each of the subjects mentioned above, the same is only indicative and NOT exhaustive. Keeping in view the professional nature of the Examination, all matters falling within the realm of the subject concerned will have to be studied by a candidate as questions may be asked on all relevant matters under the subject. A candidate should also prepare himself/herself for answering questions that may be asked on the latest developments taking place under the various subjects of the Examination.

Eligibility Criteria for Examinees

To be eligible for appearing at the Examination, a candidate must fulfill the following conditions:

  • A candidate must be an employee of any recognised Banking or Financial Institution and shall possess at least pass certificate of H.S.C Examination or its equivalent.
  • A candidate shall submit a Certificate in the Form prescribed by the IBTRA regarding his/her service in the Bank/Financial Institution, signed by the Head of the Department/Office of the Bank/Financial Institution where he/she is employed. A form of such certificate is printed on the Examination Entry Form, which shall have to be completed each time a candidate applies for Examination.
  • A candidate shall have to be registered with the DIB of IBTRA and his/her membership shall cease if he/she is no longer in the service of any Bank or Financial Institution.
  • The fees/subscriptions payable by a candidate shall not be in arrears, when he/she applies for appearing at any Examination of the IBTRA on any subject.
Registration Fee

A Registration fee of Tk. 100.00 is payable for one exam when an employee of IBBL or any other bank or Financial Institution enrolls himself/herself as a candidate of the DIB.

Availability & Submission Exam. Forms

The Examination Entry Form and other information may be obtained from the website (www.ibtra.com) of Islami Bank Training & Research Academy.

A candidate desiring to appear at any Examination shall submit the prescribed Examination Entry Form through online duly filled in, together with the prescribed Examination Fee, Registration Fee through Islami Bank mCash.

Other Terms & Conditions

To get the other terms and conditions related to DIB examinations, please open the following file.